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Weaverline Mulchbagger

Model 46

Turning bulk mulch into bagged profits since 1987.

  • High production, low maintenance

  • Smooth unloading

  • One person can fill up to 100 bags per hour double the output with two people

  • Stainless Steel box and hopper

  • 12 gauge welded steel base

  • 1-1/2 H.P. dual voltage AC motor - 220 volt recommended, 110 volt optional

mb bulk.bmp

Turning bulk mulch into bagged profits since 1987.
The Weaverline Mulch Bagger is a reliable, low-cost machine that enables small to mid-size nursery, greenhouse and garden centers to take control of their mulch buying requirements and increase their profit margins.

mb bags.bmp
mb augers bw.bmp

Stainless slat conveyor moves mulch to a series of four augers which efficiently direct the material out of the chute into a bag. Augers are fabricated with long-life, low-maintenance stainless steel flighting and heavy duty bearings.

mb drive bw.bmp
mb oper bw.bmp

With controls right at hand, the operator can choose from six conveyor speeds while a foot-operated clutch engages the augers for smooth - efficient unloading. The clutch design offers maximum efficiency of unit operation and extended motor life.
Height (overall) 97”
Width 51”
Length 92”
Weight 900 lbs
Loading Height 77”
Loading Hopper Width 90”
Bulk Capacity 2.25 cu. yd.

Mulch Bagger Features:
Safety features are consistently built into any Weaverline product. The discharge chute on the Mulch Bagger is well shielded with a heavy reinforced rubber guard, and a plexiglass inspection window on the chute allows the operator to be where the action is and remain safe. Six plexiglass windows in the side of the hopper allow the operator to monitor the level and flow of the material inside without leaving his place at the discharge chute. A supply of bags are clipped onto the machine behind the chute, ready for use. Bags are held in place under the chute and removed when full.

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